His Majesty Sir Jay Rockefeller

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His Majesty Sir Jay Rockefeller
True to the arrogant and pompous form of the flaming progressive liberal he is, and upset by the popular and over-whelming support of the Fox News Network, Rockefeller demands something be done. Throwing nothing short of a public tantrum Mr. Rockefeller takes a stab at FOX news (then realizing the public display of his grossly biased folly) adds MSNBC to the mix, so as not to be seen as a pious lop sided simple minded liberal. Never mind that MSNBC is no where near the voice of clear, open and unbiased reporting, nor can they ever hope to achieve the success and viewership of FOX News. The Ratings say it all. The people are tuning in and listening to the Fox News Network and the liberals are running scared. They fear they are losing control of the media and radio airwaves that are finally reaching the people with some rays of truth. The sun is shining in on them and exposing them for who and what they are. They can no longer hide in the shadows and play their games freely. They are being watched and there money trail and secrets combinations are being revealed and they don’t like it. They can no longer go unchallenged as they attempt to fill the country with their lies and half truths; meant to mislead, persuade, misinform and control the public mind. There tactics (learned from the Communists) of keeping the people in the dark, dumb, uneducated and misinformed, dependent and weak (so they can be controlled easily) are beginning to crack. Turn them against each other and you can distract them.
The liberal progressives have been working hard for decades to achieve just that. They have the money. They have the politicians. They control most of the media, radio and Hollywood. For more than 2 decades they have been attacking the very fiber of American Society and we have witnessed the erosion of its moral, ethical, patriotic and religious fervor. Our faith in God has been challenged on every front. Our TV’s and movie theatres are inundated with filth and immoral behavior. Hollywood’s liberal preachings have grossly infected and distorted the public conscience. Political correctness and tolerance are their ways of justifying everything and anything. The major news papers and news networks have relentlessly slanted, created, manipulated or distorted the “news” towards their liberal benefactors. They should all be more appropriately referred to as propaganda networks or liberal tabloids.
It is nothing short of appalling that any elected “servant” of the people should declare or promote such a war on the freedom of speech in this Republic. No Mr. Rockefeller you are not of royal blood, you are not a king, you are not a Zar and this is not a Communist or Socialist Country. We are the United States of America and far better men than you have shed their blood and given their lives to make it so. It is because of them that we enjoy the Freedoms of the greatest Republic on Earth. It is their sacrifice that allowed you to open your mouth and defile one of their most sacred gifts of freedom to us all.

Rangle the Wrangler

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Rangle the Wrangler
Like a spoiled child he left his own hearing and refused to listen. This, after being denied a motion to postpone (delay) the hearing, so that he could try to find Council. Seems that his previous Council was not convinced that he could pay them, or at least not from his own money. Perhaps there were more concerned about where the money would come from. Not something that Mr. Rangle has ever seemed too concerned with of late. It’s not like he didn’t have adequate time to find someone else to represent him. My hats off to the Committee for calling him to the mat.
So the absentee Democrat was found guilty and rightly so, but what is this censure?  Well, according to Webster’s;  Censure: a judgement involving condemnation. The act of blaming or condemning sternly. Unlike impeachment, censure has no explicit basis in the United States Constitution. It derives from the formal condemnation of either a congressional body of one of their own member(s). Since 1900 there have been at least 14 Democrats that have been censured or reprimanded for stealing (which they call misappropriation), corruption, bribery (times 4 = the most popular crime), mail fraud, misusing House Funds (stealing), fraud and misrepresentations (lies). I only found evidence that 2 of these criminals ever went to jail, but that doesn’t really surprise me too much.
Mr. Rangle now finds himself as the latest addition to the list. With any luck he want hold that distinction for long as Maxine Waters awaits her day of reckoning. He join his fellow comrades:
-Barney Frank (D-MA) who was reprimanded on July 26, 1990 for fixing parking tickets for his Gay roommate and some-time lover. But he knew nothing about the Gay prostitution that was going on in his own apartment. Imagine that. lol. And he was re-elected how many times?
-Austin J. Murphy (D-PA) was reprimanded on December 18, 1987 for ghost voting and misusing House funds. (stealing)
I have to wonder if Mr. Rangle’s predecessors whined as much as he did. It was truly a pathetic site to see this old fossil of a man bickering over pretense. Like a small child trying to convince the Principal, that despite his wet shoes and the scales on his lips that he wasn’t the one the ate the class goldfish, knocked the fish tank off the teacher’s desk, or ate her Red Delicious Apple.  How could anyone think that this poor old man could knowingly and willing do anything inappropriate with other peoples money or abuse their trust. After all he has been around since the dinosaurs and a member of the US Congress half that long. A leading member at that. How could they possibly question his loyalty and love of Country? Such a gentle voice and longing eyes.
I was almost moved to tears….. NOT !!!!     I say to Mr. Rangle: Please sit down (or lay down if need be), shut up and take it like a man. Grow some balls and take responsibility for your ignorance. Oh wait. As a Law Maker you must know that the Law says that “Ignorance is no excuse”. Oh yea. So I guess that leaves us with just manning up and taking responsibility for all of your lies, cheating, theft, stupidity, arrogance and pompous pride. Confucius say, “Congressmen who lie, cheat, steal, defraud, take bribes or are generally corrupt… sometimes get caught, but rarely get censured, hardly ever go to jail and often times get re-elected … over and over again.

Don’t touch my junk

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Don’t touch my junk
I would like to remind everyone that the current state of affairs and the invasion of individual privacy’s by the TSA, are the result of Liberal progressives and their “politically correct” public policies. They are the ones who insist upon the screening of your grandmother, great grandfather or your six children before boarding a flight for that much anticipated Thanksgiving reunion. They are the ones who demand that we are all the same, equal in every way. Equally suspicious because of our radical pasts and our religious teachings. Equally guilty of hate filled chants, demonstrations and threats against the lives of others. Equally guilty of an arrogant disdain for everyone who believes in a loving God and treating others with respect, love and compassion. Equally capable of  packing explosives around our “junk” in order to commit suicide and the mass murder of innocent men, women and children. Equally committed to some radical cause expressed by some pathetic, sociopaths and insane cultist leader, imam or cleric.
Heaven forbid we should actually focus on the people that have been attacking us for the past 50 years. We sure would not want them feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. Better we make the screening process a whole lot more expensive, time consuming and inconvenient for everyone. That way no one will fill like we are singling them out. Heaven forbid we allow law enforcement to “Profile” our enemy. We can make it more like an Easter egg hunt and it will be more fun for everyone. It doesn’t matter that we know that they have all been Muslims (mostly male) between the ages of 20 and say 45. That they either lived or visited a Muslim country known for its radicalism, hatred, support and sponsorship of murder and terrorism. That they teach a religion of hate, death and destruction to all things not Muslim. The same people that planned, supported and applauded the attack on the United States on 9/11 and the murder of thousands of innocent people. The same people the danced in the streets singing, smiling and cheering for those cowards that murdered the unarmed and helpless thousands. The same low life’s that have been killing and maiming our American Soldiers and attacking innocent people all around the globe. These are the same dogs that have been waging a war upon us for decades, and the Liberals cry for their rights and demand that we treat them like pets.
America must wake up and choose again what is “Politically Correct”. You will either target those responsible for the insanity and the mayhem, or you will continue to have your Junk caressed and your naked bodies previewed in living motion… for the eyes of the TSA are upon you. It is you that have tied their hands and demanded that they treat everyone the same. With out the ability to “Profile” the actual enemy… what choice does the TSA have?  Send your thank you letters to the ACLU, Moveon.org, liberals.org, Micheal Moore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama, George Soros, and all of their Liberal Progressive and Socialist friends and organizations.  I wonder if Nancy Pelosi has every been scanned or had her Junk patted down????

Brian Surgery Vs. Aviation

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A man needs an operation to remove a tumor from his brain. He is told that it is a very delicate procedure requiring much skill and experience. The diagnose is grim and the physician informs the patient that he is not up to the task. What to do?

The man was a very over paid CEO of a major US corporation, who had just received a very healthy Christmas bonus. The cost of the procedure was not an issue. So the man turns to Doctor Google and types in “World Famous Brain Surgeons”. After selecting the most expensive surgeon he could find and scheduling his appointment he needed an airplane ticket. The man typed in “Cheapest Airfares” and purchased the cheapest ticket he could find.

The very next week the man went to the airport and eventually found the airline of his choice. There was one agent, who was also the customer service rep, lost baggage rep, baggage handler, caterer, mechanic and aircraft fueler. Shortly after takeoff the engines sputter, the aircraft shutters and aircraft winds up in the bay. The man doesnt make it, but records show that he saved $150 on his ticket that day.

Virus Infects the US Congress

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Congressman Barney Frank from the great state of Massachusetts. The very embodiment of the sickening virus that infects the halls of the US Congress and our Government as a whole. It is so utterly sad and grievous  that he is the best that the state of Massachusetts can do.  In fact, they have sent him to Washington for fifteen ( 15 ) consecutive  terms.  I don’t know what their smoking up there in Massachusetts, or why they have their collective heads berried so far in the sand (or perhaps somewhere else).  To be fair, he is a Democrat. So let us lay the blame where it belongs.  I sure hope that all those foolish, mis- and/or uninformed, naive and otherwise confused liberal progressive democrats are happy. These geniuses all believed in the blind fairytale promises of the political Madoff’s ( or Madoffinas … in the case of Pelosi and Waters, etc.) they elected. Voting with their eyes closed. One hand on the ballot and the other hoping to catch some of that free money oozing from our generous democratic Congress. The famous welfare state is alive and well. The party of wealth and job redistribution is having a huge extended party and giving out lots of free money. They are all so giddy and caught up in the spirit of giving.  I think Obama wants to be the first black Santa Clause, but he’s a lot more like the Grinch that stoled the American dream and the future of our country.

And lets not forget that great state of California that sent two dingbats by the names of Pelosi and Waters to Washington. I think it might be a case here of misery loving company. We all know the pathetic state of the Californian economy, not to mention their total moral and ethical depravity, as well their liberal courts. (lol just look at the 9th District Court and the BS rulings that have come out of there recently) California needs to get a grip. Funny how they squandered all of their money on their progressive liberal agenda, destroying their own economy in the process, and then come whining to the Federal Government for a bail out.  Can you say redistribution of wealth? Your tax dollars taken in by the FED and then handed over to the bleeding heart, capitalism hating, progressive liberals, who feel the need to feed and educate all the illegal immigrants  they can get there hands on. I wonder why so many Latinos vote Democratic? Birth right babies, free healthcare, food stamps, free housing, and a free bi-lingual education (complete with free lunches). Wouldn’t that be nice?  I just love how free, liberal and generous Californians are with my tax dollars. And now with great folks like Pelosi, Waters, Reid, Franks and Obama ( just to name a few) in charge we can explode the spending on a World-wide basis. Lets open the flood gates and just make everyone equal. We can all share and share alike. No one should make more than another no matter how smart they are, or how hard they work. It just isn’t fair. We should all live on, say  $60,000 a year. Thats sound wonderful. Maybe we can have Obama share some of that vast space in the White House with about 20 illegal immigrant families. I’m sure Pelosi and Waters have far more room in their homes then they need (or should I say more homes than they need). Surely they wouldn’t mind sharing. They can also feed and home school them as well. After all… they make way too much money anyways. I’m sure Mrs. Obama feels just terrible about all of the millions of dollars she has spent in the past 18 months entertaining herself, family and friends. Just think of all the illegals immigrants she could have nourished, housed and cared for. If only she had thought of it. Darn.

Wake up America the wolves have breached the gate and are ravaging the flock. How far will you let them go? How much foul and corrupt seed will you let them sow? How long will you slumber and be lulled by their silver tongues and fancy style? What will be left of our country when they are through? How dim will be the dreams of our children?

Vice Pres Joey

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Wow!   Just saw the photo of the Second highest government official and representative of these great United States of America stepping off the tax payer’s jet in Baghdad. Your democratically elected Vice President of the United States (a democrat himself) arrived in Baghdad (representing the United States of America) wearing blue jeans, loafers (without socks) and impressing the entire world with his coolness. What a stud.  I think he and Obama should grace the cover of GQ.

ACLU Lawyers need to eat more fiber

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The famous ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights have joined hands with the father of the hate filled, racist and violence loving American born Al-awlaki.  It seems that these lawyers have not heard that we (these United States of America) have been at war with these Islamic terrorists for more then 25 years. A war that these Islamic terrorists started a very long time ago. A war that they waged against the innocent non-combatant civilian men, women and children of the United Stated all over the World. A concert of contempt and violence that reached a crescendo on September 11, 1991. When finally, this great and lazy giant of the United Stated woke up and decided to fight back.  Now we see the father, who created this mass murdering vile stench of a terrorist, whining about his son being the target of the US military. I guess the money loving idiots at the ACLU have nothing better to do than to file lawsuits on behalf of disgruntled terrorists. One would think that their time would be better spent filing charges of war crimes, or Crimes against humanity in the World Court against this very same terrorist. Are they not in fact aiding and abetting this vile criminal.  The “Targeted Killing” of this deviant would be a blessing to the world and would undoubtedly save lives.

Why hasn’t the US citizenship of this terrorist been revoked?

Why do we allow his father and the ACLU to aid and abed him?

If his father is so damn proud of his son then we should deport him. So that they can hide in some dirt whole together and await the rapture.